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Ever So Slowly, I Get This Off The Ground

This has been soooo long in the making.  I’ve been working on my Funmentionables for years.  I had a great idea, I’ve researched and tweaked and tried them out and tweaked some more.  I’ve bought equipment and then had to tweak some more.  I’ve gotten sidetracked by other things I want to make.  Then there was always life going on.  You know; work, school, family, etc.

So many tools have grown since I started my endeavor.  Social media is now through the roof with options: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr and a myriad of others.  Sites to help you start your business: IndieGoGo, Kickstarter and more.  Sites to help you sell your wares: Etsy, Artfire, Amazon; just to name a few...

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