What Do You Do With It?

One of the things I hope to achieve with this endeavor is to share ideas with others.  I would like to offer up the opportunity to to learn from each other, pick each others’ brains and such.  Thus begins, “What do you do with it?”.

In this (hopefully) regular column, we’ll discuss how we use things.  All kinds of things, including social media, hardware, equipment, advice and any other thing you can think of. Send in suggestions, questions; I’ll put it out here for the masses. Use the comments or email me at skapande.me@gmail.com

Today, Pinterest.  What do you do with it? Besides re-pinning drool-worthy pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch or Christopher Eccleston! Are you just a drive-by pinner? Do you pin things never to re-visit them? If I were to look through your boards, would I get an accurate glimpse of YOU?

I must admit, sometimes I just sit on the couch with a glass of wine or tumbler of margarita and re-pin away. Other times, though, I am actively creating pins. Usually from Etsy or Artfire.  I hope to get more handmade goods out into the crazy ether we call the Internet and thus into the minds of those that may not know what is out there that isn’t cookie-cutter-consumerism.

I also re-visit pins.  I LOVE the DIY section and have actually DIM (done it myself).  I have also found a plethora of tips and time-savers.  I have found Pinterest to be so much more than “that site where women post matching outfits and pictures of scantily-clad Avengers”!

What do you use it for?


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