What The Hell Is A Funmentionable?

Well, that is a very good question!  It’s a cloth menstrual pad!  Now, before you click away in disgust, give me a minute.

I haven’t ever really considered myself a feminist in the traditional sense.  I’ve had many a long arg- er, discussion with other women and some men regarding this.  However, I do feel that there are certain aspects of being not only a woman but also a human that we are WAY too concerned with their bodies and in my opinion, too grossed out to realize that it’s all normal.  All of our secretions and functions, as long as they are normal, are something we should be glad are happening.  It means we’re alive and well!

I was also a teenage girl once, so I understand being uncomfortable with all those “weird, icky” things our bodies are contending with.  It has been a mainstay of our society for a long time to get that “ickyness” as far away from us and unseen as possible.  Sadly, in many other cultures that “ickyness” is shunned and girls can’t even interact with the rest of their society while having their cycle.

Anyhow, quite a few years ago I came across an ad for cloth menstrual pads in one of my favorite magazines, Bust.  These ads were for Lunapads and GladRags.  They had cloth pads that were cute and washable.  That was a fantastic idea.  I have always tried to be thoughtful regarding our environment, so the idea of not putting more waste in our landfills was awesome.  Also, think of the money that could be saved.  Sadly, I couldn’t afford to buy any as the start up cost was quite a bit at once.

I didn’t do any follow up for awhile.  Then a few years later, I came across the ads again and decided to do some research and try to make my own.  Thus began the great internet search!  I found lots of people trying to make their own with great ideas.  I found out about PUL fabric or polyurethane laminated fabric.  This is used quite a bit in cloth diapers, mattress covers, rain jackets and such.  I ordered some online and started my development process. I plan on doing other posts that cover this process as it is still ongoing!

So for about six – seven years now, I have been working on design and construction. I’ve changed a few materials here and there and enlisted a couple of people to try them out.  I’ve also bought some from Lunapads and GladRags to see what is different from theirs and mine.  A LOT is.  The main difference is theirs is just material, no barrier.  What’s the point of a pad if it doesn’t protect your clothes?

My hope is that through this endeavor I not only create a successful business by earning customers who are already like-minded, but to also help others realize that there is no reason for us to be ashamed of our bodies natural functions.  There is nothing wrong or disgusting with having a menstrual cycle.  It is necessary for our survival, and should be embraced at least as a privilege!  We buy bras and undies that make us feel sexy or fun, our pads should reflect us as well.

I also hope to be able to do something like Toms Shoes does, except I’d like to give pads to those who are poor wherever they may be.  I know that if you have a very small amount of disposable income, if any, that not having to buy pads, would be a big help.  But more on that later.

I hope this gives you an idea of what Skapande is about and why the Funmentionable is our anchor.

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